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Who’s doing what?

One of our newest dealers, but they have absolutely hit the ground running. Luke Bullen has ensured that his customers know all about GripSport racks and that Emu is the place to buy one and have it fitted.

Have a look at what they’re doing on their website CLICK HERE and on their Facebook page CLICK HERE and the photo below is their reception area.

Luke’s attitude is that it’s pretty stupid to take on a product or a service and then NOT make sure your customers know about it. We agree, Luke… completely.

The gang at New Age Melbourne have certainly got their act together too and in fact they probably sell more of our racks than just about anyone in the country. How? Well, like Emu (above), New Age Melbourne knows that “you can’t sell what your customers can’t see“. What bloody good advice! This is just one of the ways in which they’ve achieved success with GripSport.


Christian and Jaclyn from Bold, have had a huge amount of success by promoting their GripSport dealership at “shows”.


So there you have it, a quick look at three GripSport dealers… all doing it quite differently, but all with the same aim of getting what they sell “seen” and “sold“. Makes sense to us ☺

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