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Bike Racks for Vehicles

What's the difference in the GS range and the GS+ range?

The “+” on our vehicle range signifies that the carrier is supplied with a rack light and number plate mount.

Are all of your carriers available with a loading ramp?

No. Only our GSE and GSE+ carriers are available with loading ramps, the design of our other carriers in our range do not lend themselves to loading ramps.

What is the weight rating my towbar can take?

Refer to you the towbar placard on your vehicle for this information.

Will this hang out too far from my vehicle?

Each state has their own laws regarding “overhang”. Please contact your local road authority for the overhang laws in your particular state.

Does the carrier disassemble?

Yes. Your carrier can be completely disassembled if required. The shipping dimensions of all our carriers is 86cm x 42cm x 28cm.

Can I transfer this to an RV like a caravan or camper?

No, our vehicle range are designed to be mounted to vehicles only.

Bike Racks for Caravans

Will your rack fit my caravan/camper?

Yes, however there are a variety of fitting methods and you will need determine which will best suit your particular RV. Refer to our fitting information HERE.

Will it carry my heavy E-Bikes? And how can I load them with my age/bad back etc? Do you have a loading ramp?

Yes, all our carriers come with a 30kg PER BIKE weight rating, perfect for most e-bikes.

We recommend seeking assistance with loading if you struggle with the extra weight, this carrier does not lend itself to a ramp design.

Can I mount on the rear of my Van?

Yes, but only if the manufacturer has given the appropriate weight rating on the bumper and two bikes will be the maximum number of bikes you can fit to any caravan rear bumper.

*It is important to consider your rear overhang laws in your local state.

What do you recommend for a lock/security?

There are no locking mechanisms supplied but our carriers come with specific ‘lock points’ where any standard bike lock or simple padded locking cable can be fitted.

What does this do to my Ball-Weight?

Your ball weight will be affected no matter where you mount the carrier so we always recommend making the appropriate allowances (consult with your local caravan service centre if assistance is required)

What if I'm not capable of performing the installation required?

We have a large dealer/fitter network for our caravan bike racks, all of whom will be able to assist you with the installation processes. See HERE for our dealer network.

Will this carrier fit my motor home?

No. Our Van-Rack range is designed to be mounted to draw bars and some rear bumpers. If you require a carrier for your motor home, our vehicle bike racks will be perfect however you will require a tow bar to be fitted.

General Questions

Will my bike fit?

Yes. When it comes to the size, shape and weight of your bike, we have it ALL covered!

Are your products covered by warranty?

Yes. Our warranty covers…

Defective Goods (excluding those set out below) for a period of 5 years from the date the Goods are supplied (Goods Warranty).

Defective Goods comprising trailers, LED lamps and custom made or non-standard mounting systems for a period of 2 years from the date the Goods are supplied (Goods Warranty)

For full terms and conditions see HERE.

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