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Originally established in 1998 as a Specialist Engineering Co working exclusively in the bicycle industry, GripSport quickly earned itself a world-wide reputation for its product designs and innovative approach to bicycle frame repairs.

Today, after nearly 20 years of what could only be described as “extreme problem solving”, GripSport now offers an extensive range of bike racks, bike (transport) trailers and bike parking solutions (for both domestic and commercial customers). Every GripSport product started life as either a way to fill a customer need, a way to fill a hole in the market, or a way to fix a problem with other products already out there on the market. And GripSport products are renowned for their clever design and robust construction and loved by everybody from mountain bikers to roadies to caravaners.

And of course we do continue to offer bike frame repairs (it was such an important part of our heritage and of our growth), however we have grown so much since our early days in a 36 square metre backyard workshop that we’ve now developed a new division called GripWorks which, in conjunction with GripSport, provides commercial and industrial clients with a comprehensive design, prototyping, custom-fabrication and manufacturing service.

For more information about our products and services explore our website or call (03) 9466 2553.

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