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GripSport racks are famous for being built tough, but to keep them looking and performing at their best we recommend the following:

Clean your rack after use

Wash your bike rack after exposure to dirt/mud or salty conditions, particularly if you’re on or near the coast, which exposes the rack to saltier conditions.

Use mild soapy water

Always wash your GripSport bike rack with mild, soapy water and apply “wax” based auto polish with a light cloth if possible and allow to dry.

Monitor signs of damage

Damaged or worn parts should be replaced immediately. Clear nail polish can be used on painted or plated surfaces to slow deterioration.

Check bike rack before use

Check all nuts, bolts, mounts for appropriate tightness before use. If in doubt, refer to bike rack instructions, contact GripSport or your local dealer.

Store indoors or undercover

If possible, store your rack indoors or undercover when not in use. This will prolong your bike rack’s life span and keep it in tip-top shape.

Correctly mount your rack

Always follow the instructions when mounting or dismounting your bike rack to your vehicle. Mounting your bike rack incorrectly may cause damage.

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