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Hi-Ride Carrier “Tilty” (2-bike)

The best bike rack in the world now lets you get into the back of your vehicle in seconds…. and all while the bikes are still loaded.

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Hi-Ride Carrier “Fixie” (2-bike)

We introduced the original “Hi-Ride” carrier system over 12 years ago. It was the world’s safest, simplest, toughest and most versatile bike rack then… and it still is.

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Putting bike racks on your caravan - All you need to know… right here.

Fitting a bike rack onto your caravan or camper trailer is NOT as hard as some people make out.

Let us show you.

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Hi-Ride Carrier “2+2” (4-bike)

This brilliant bike rack is a 2-bike Hi-Ride carrier… when that’s all you need, but converts to a 4-bike rack (or back to a 2-bike) in just seconds.

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Bike Trailers

Do you need to transport lots of bikes? More bikes than you can possibly fit on your car? Then a GripSport Bike Trailer could be for you. Perfect for clubs, tour operators and families full of riders.

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Quote from a caravan industry insider.

"Trust me, you'll go broke trying to sell bike racks to caravanners."

Well we didn't trust him and now, less than a year later, we're sending our "Van-Racks" out every day to every corner of Australia & New Zealand... we're selling them (every day) to DIY caravanners who want to do the fitting themselves... we've also got a growing list of recommended "fitters" all around the country and who are all keeping nice and busy... and then there's all the fittings we do ourselves here at Grip HQ (a LOT).

Hmmm... "Expert Opinion".... not always what it's cracked up to be, eh?


Design - Prototyping - Product Development

Turning your ideas into fully resolved and manufacture-ready designs.

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Welding & Fabricating

We design, fabricate, weld & repair - Steel, Aluminium, Stainless and Titanium.

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Tube & Pipe Bending

Tube bending… round & square… one piece or a thousand…

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