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Scroll down to see how each different model attaches to your vehicle, caravan or trailer.

GS2 and GS2+
(tow-bar mounted 2-bike  racks for passenger cars, SUVs & 4WDs only)

Is supplied with EITHER  a Quick-Release “Tongue” HitchNO ADDITIONAL COST – which attaches to any standard 75mm wide tow bar tongue using your own tow ball…






OR  a Quick-Release “Square” Hitch – ADDITIONAL $38 – which slips straight in to 50mm square tow bar receiver. 


Simply specify your choice of hitch when ordering.

GS4 and GS4+
(tow-bar mounted 4-bike  racks for passenger cars, SUVs & 4WDs only)

Can not be fitted to a “tongue” and must fit straight into a 50mm (2″) square hitch receiver.


GSE and GSE+
(tow-bar mounted 2-bike  racks for passenger cars, SUVs & 4WDs only)

Is supplied to fit  EITHER  a standard 75mm wide tow bar tongue (our Quick-Release “Tongue” Hitch attaches using your own tow ball)…




  it’s supplied as a rack designed to slip straight into  a 50mm (2″) square-hitch tow bar “receiver”. 

Both versions are the same price – Simply specify your choice when ordering.

Please note – GripSport bike racks will not fit on the euro style tow ball as shown below.


On the front of caravans & camper trailers…

1-bike,  2-bike, 3-bike and 4-bike Van-Racks (both ’tilting’ and ‘non-tilting’ models) fit to all “A” frames using EITHER the optional Bolt-on Mount

OR a mounting bracket fabricated by your own ‘fitter’. CLICK HERE for the fitting guide and short video


ALL Van-Racks can be swapped onto vehicle tow bar…

Requires the GripSport Tow Bar Adapter – suits 50mm (2″) square hitch receivers only



On the rear of caravans & camper trailers…

We advise against fitting any bike rack here, but it is possible if  your van and rear bumper are suitable (strong enough). We recommend you contact your van manufacturer/dealer, or an experienced caravan service/repair centre, for advice on whether or not your particular van/trailer is suitable for a rear-mounted rack. CLICK HERE for more info.

If suitable 1-bike and 2-bike  “Van-Racks” (only) can be rear mounted using the Bolt-On Mount as shown below.



CLICK HERE for detailed fitting guide



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