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Bike Trailers For Bicycle Network.

Bike Trailers for Bicycle Network.

If you’ve ever been on a Bicycle Network ride (Round the Bay in a Day or The Great Vic etc) then you’ve probably seen some of our more unusual bike trailers. If you’ve ever been on one of those rides, decided it was just all too hard and loaded your bike onto one of their “sag trailers”, then you’ve definitely seen them because those sag-trailers were made by us.

Bicycle Network had very specific requirements for these trailers though, things like a particularly low platform height, a certain number of bikes to be carried, the fact that the trailers were for road bikes only (different spacings to a system that has to carry both Road and Mountain bikes) and, most importantly, they wanted a securing method that could be used without their volunteers needing to climb onto the trailer.

So, not the usual style of bike trailer we build at all and a right pain in the bum to be honest. We ended up having to re-design our bike securing method so it could be used by someone standing off to the side of the trailer and we were actually pretty chuffed that we got it to work… until the first time we saw Bicycle Network using their trailers and they had people climbing all over them. Laugh? Absolutely.

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