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By far the best (and most common) way of mounting our Van-Racks to an “A” frame is with the “Bolt-On Mount” that fits over a chassis rail like this…

But often the “A” frame doesn’t have a suitable chassis rail, or it’s in the wrong place, which means a new one needs to be welded in.

Now if it’s done properly there is absolutely no issue in welding to the “A” frame of a van, but some customers just hate the idea and some manufacturers refuse to OK it despite the fact that their chassis are made out of plain old “mild” steel, which is perfectly fine to weld… so long as it’s done properly. Who knows, maybe those manufacturers have had a bad experience in the past due to poor quality welding?

And the reality is, while it might be safe, it would certainly be easier, quicker and therefore more profitable for all of us, if our sales people didn’t have to waste time convincing customers that it was OK to weld on their “A” frame… if our fitters didn’t have to grind galvanising or paint off the “A” frame (in order to weld in the new chassis rail) and then muck around having to match the finish afterwards.

Which is why we developed this new fitting method that does not require any welding on the “A” frame at all. And it’s incredibly simple.

Step 1 – These “A-Frame Brackets” slip down over each arm of the “A” frame.

The new chassis rail that would normally have been welded into place between the arms of the “A” frame, now gets “tack welded” into place between the “A-Frame Brackets” (See Step 2 below). The whole lot is then lifted off the van, fully welded and fitted back onto the “A” frame (as Step 3 below). After that, the Bolt-On Mount and Van-Rack are fitted as usual

The “A-Frame Brackets” suit 50 x 100 and 50 x 150 box section, they come with Hi-Tensile bolts and Nyloc (self-locking) nuts and will be supplied as standard with every Bolt-On Mount.

The cost of the Bolt-On Mount will NOT increase because of this.

We will be displaying (and officially launching) this new fitting method at Melbourne Leisurefest this October (4th – 7th).

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