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And the reality is… you get what you pay for.

But our racks are designed & made right here in Australia and every one of them comes with a lifetime guarantee… enough said!

And our guarantee is simple, just the way a guarantee should be… but hardly ever is!

Our bike racks are covered by a lifetime (structural) warranty.

  • If you run over your rack with a truck (in other words “accident damage” where the breakage is your fault), then you’re up for the repair/replacement cost.
  • If your rack isn’t setup, used or maintained properly then any resultant damage is on you.
  • Wear and tear is not covered by warranty (because things like painted/plated finishes, moving parts and rubbers etc have to wear out eventually).
  • If our rack fails because of faulty workmanship or materials (in other words the breakage is our fault) all you’ve got to do is return it along with details of what happened and if it really was our fault it gets fixed or replaced free of charge.

All other GripSport products (i.e. trailers, LED lamps and custom mounting systems on caravans/campers/trailers etc) are covered by a 2 year warranty.

Corner clamps, angle main beam & fat bike wheel cradles under licence from Intake Systems International.

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