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Bike Racks

Besides designing and custom-making unusual racks from the ground up, here at GripSport we’re also able to modify our “standard” products in a way that delivers to our customers both significant savings and exactly what they want. We can do this because we design, manufacture, test, assemble and ship all from under the one roof right here in Australia. Now… think of any other brand of bike rack in the world and imagine yourself asking them to modify and customize their racks for you.

CLICK HERE to see some examples of our customized bike racks.


Bike Parking

Yes we make and stock all the regular, boring old bike parking rails that everyone else has, but what we really love to do is develop and manufacture something that is completely unique for our commercial, corporate, government and architectural clients. One unit or a thousand… it doesn’t matter… bike parking can be fun, practical and make a statement all at the same time. What would you like your next project to say?

CLICK HERE to see some inspirational designs from all around the world.


Advertising on Bikes

Such a simple and economical way to promote a business, club, organisation or event. In fact anything you’re wanting to get out in front of people. Tell us your plans and let us help come up with a bicycle-based advertising vehicle.

CLICK HERE to see examples of bike billboards and advertising trailers.

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