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GripSport In The News

This story appeared in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s “Australia Day feature” and we’re mighty chuffed to have been put forward by the Australian Made Campaign as an example of Aussie manufacturers coping through the pandemic.

CLICK HERE to read the article

It was our Production Manager, John Voce and his family, who suggested the Hand Sanitiser Stand as a way of using our manufacturing capacity and, more importantly, of keeping everyone employed. And we’re so grateful for that, but we’re also extremely proud of every single member of our team who not only had to deal with all the personal stress and uncertainty of life in a pandemic, but at the same time busted a collective gut getting us back on top. Because back on top is exactly where we landed.

2020 could only be described as a bastard of a year, but despite that, within weeks of COVID closing down the country and us thinking we might never make another rack again, we were actually struggling to keep up with demand for our bike racks and have been selling huge numbers of them ever since. Add to that the fact that we’re still selling the odd Hand Sanitiser Stand as well and we’re actually in a brilliant position going into 2021  😎

If you’re interested you can check out our Hand Sanitiser Stand by CLICKING HERE

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