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  • by us – contact us HERE to book in.
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  • by your own local caravan repair/service centre.
  • or DIY


  • there are three fitting methods covered in this guide.
  • they are exactly the same for all “Van-Racks” (both tilting and non-tilting models).
  • we haven’t yet come across a van or camper that can’t be fitted with a GripSport rack.
  • Option 2 of Fitting Method 2 (on page 9 of the Fitting Guide) will apply to 80% of vans.

Fitting to ‘A’ frame.

Watch a short video (under 2 minutes)    CLICK HERE

View and download the complete Fitting Guide    CLICK HERE

Below is a quick look at what it’s all about

By far the best (and most common) way of mounting our Van-Racks to an “A” frame is with the “Bolt-On Mount” that fits over a cross member as shown in the first photo below. This is Method 1 & 2 from our Fitting Guide (and the video above).

But when the “A” frame doesn’t have a suitable cross member in the right place, then a new one needs to be fitted to the chassis. This is Method 2 from our Fitting Guide and is the required Fitting Method in approx 80% of cases.

Fitting the new cross member (above) has always involved welding directly to the “A” frame and while there is absolutely no issue in doing that (so long as it’s done properly), some customers and some manufacturers refuse to OK it. Which is why we developed this new fitting method that does not require any welding on the “A” frame at all.

Step 1 – These “SADDLES” are now included as standard with every Bolt-On Mount. They simply slip down over each arm of the “A” frame.

The new cross member that would normally have been welded into place between the arms of the “A” frame, now gets welded into place between the A-Frame “SADDLES” (see step 2 below). The whole lot can be lifted off the van (for full welding/painting) then slipped back onto the “A” frame (as Step 3 below) so the Bolt-On Mount and Van-Rack can then be fitted as usual.

The “SADDLES” suit 50 x 100 and 50 x 125 and 50 x 150 box ‘A’ frame sections and come with Hi-Tensile bolts and Nyloc (self-locking) nuts.

View and download the complete Fitting Guide    CLICK HERE

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