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Dealers Driving Sales

Dedicated showrooms are fantastic, but not everyone has room for one, or wants accessory/parts sales to be their main focus. But as the examples below will show you… not having a showroom shouldn’t stop you from selling a lot of bike racks.

Advantage Caravan Repairs is the 2015, 2016 & 2017 RV Service and Repair Centre of the Year and boast a comprehensive range of repair and services, all conveniently delivered from one workshop. Their team is lead by Industry Expert and owner, Peter Robinson and they have the knowledge, skill, capabilities, staff, contacts, stock, enthusiasm and most of all, the passion to repair, maintain, service or upgrade any caravan. They were also one of the very first companies to come aboard our dealer network.

Advantage don’t have a flash showroom stocked to the brim with the latest shiny caravanning toys. They very much focus on “what” they can do for a customer in the way of service and repairs and this focus is very evident on their website and social media pages. So how do they sell GripSport racks? Well despite the fact there’s no showroom, they have put their dealer display up (there’s always somewhere for it), in the customer waiting area. That’s been a major talking point for customers.

But the main promotional tool they’ve used is their presence at shows.

The team at Advantage have included a GripSport display in their standard show setup and have been blown away by the response with customers both buying on the day and booking in for fittings. Peter’s advice? Make sure you take some stock for those on-the-spot sales opportunities.

Lets face it, we are all way past that point in time where it was possible to ignore social media and in this day and age, any business still doing that is missing out on a lot.  A lot of cheap advertising, a lot of brand awareness, a lot of customer satisfaction and, at the bottom-line, they’re missing out on a lot of sales. Like Advantage Caravan Repairs, Bold Trailer & Caravan Repair Centre doesn’t have a showroom, but unlike Advantage, Bold’s owner/directors, Christian and Jaclyn Bold, don’t use “shows” to generate sales, but have fully embraced social media to attract and engage with customers. And it must be working… they’re selling a lot of bike racks. But what exactly are they doing?

Well for starters they’re constantly promoting who they are, what they do and what they sell, with things like the little video below, announcements and news about what services they offer and any special deals they have going. They make sure WE know about these things too, either by “tagging” us into their posts or via an email and then we in turn promote those things too… and not just the posts about us and our racks either. If you’re a GripSport dealer then we’ll do everything we can to promote your business as a whole. You just have to let us know what’s going on.

So Bold Trailer & Caravan Repair Centre take advantage of social media and make it work for them… they mention GripSport racks wherever they can on their website… they include GripSport wherever they can in their blog entries, they have their dealer display up and a sign showing our “authorized dealer” logo in their customer area.

Everything we’ve talked about here is cheap, no-nonsense and effective promotion… for you and for us. We’d love to hear (and see photos) of what your dealership is up to. Let us help promote you and together we’ll take over the world (well… one little corner of it perhaps).

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