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Why A Cheap Bike Rack Could Cost You Thousands.

Why a cheap bike rack could cost you thousands.

A decent bike rack is not going to be cheap for you… sorry… but by now most people have experienced the true meaning of “you get what you pay for” and they just don’t like it.

A decent bike rack will let you load and unload your bikes in just seconds. It will keep your bikes secured as solid as a rock (no matter what the driving conditions), it will hold your bikes in such a way as to eliminate so-called “travel” damage (like scuffing and rubbing) and it should last you a very long time and give you the peace of mind that comes with the back-up of a local customer care/service/parts/warranty department that you can actually get through to on the phone. And most obviously it shouldn’t break and dump your bikes onto the road.

There are a number of bike racks out there in the Australian market that most people would call “decent” and we absolutely encourage you to look at all of them… really closely.

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