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Bike Racks for Fat Bikes

It’s all well and good that bike manufacturers make these “Fat” bikes for people who just love mud, snow and sand… but how to transport them?

“Fat” bikes can have tyres up to 150mm (6″) wide and unless they’re thrown in the back of a wagon or ute….

… or hung from one of those old-fashioned and awkward-to-use beak style bike racks…

… they can be tricky to get around the place.

Assuming you want the best possible bike rack solution for your pride and joy, then you probably know that a “platform” carrier is the way to go. Platform carriers have bikes sitting on their wheels rather than hanging from their frames, and the better quality brands do tend to have a method to cope with “Fat Bikes”. And of course GripSport does too.

We have our “fat-bike” wheel hoops that will slip onto all GripSport bike racks. These not only fit tyres up to 6″ wide, but also centre and hold the skinniest of road bike tyres perfectly. The fat bike hoops can be supplied at no extra cost when you’re buying your new GripSport rack, or they’re available as an optional accessory at any time down the track so you can retro-fit them onto your older rack.




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