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We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet too much, BUT

  • We started the whole concept of repairing bicycle frames back in the last century.
  • Before GripSport you’d be lucky to find anyone willing to even try and repair bike frames.
  • We developed repair methods unlike anything ever seen before.
  • We’ve now done nearly 10,000 frame repairs to aluminium, steel, CrMo and Titanium frames.
  • We’ve had LESS than 25 of those repaired frames break again. That’s less than 0.25%.
  • We assume we’re still the only company in the world doing this kind of repair work, because we keep getting frames in and inquiries from, all corners of the globe.

So if you’re wanting a repair to an aluminium, steel, CrMo or Titanium frame just follow these simple steps…

  2. Fill out the ‘Enquiry Form’.
  3. Attach photos – we need at least one close up of the damage and one or two more from further back and from different angles so we can see exactly where the damage is on the frame.
  4. We may phone you to discuss your frame, but normally we’ll reply to you via email to explain exactly what can and can’t be done and give you a quote or estimate along with photos of similar repair work so you can see what to expect.
  5. CLICK HERE to see how to get your frame to us.
  6. We will call you the moment your repair is finished. Payment may be made COD (when collecting your frame) or with Visa/MasterCard over the phone (before your frame is sent back).

Please note…

  • Most frame repairs take between 7-15 business days.
  • We do not paint, powder-coat, polish or chrome plate frames – repaired areas are either returned “raw” or with a quick “touch-up” quality paint (black only) to the affected area ($25)


  • Frames must have all parts removed before being delivered to us. We can not disassemble and reassemble entire bikes.
  • Frames are returned in the packaging they arrive in.


CLICK HERE to see some examples of our repair work.


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