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Another Happy Customer

Thought you might like a quick squiz at this latest review from Google.

We work our tails off to be the absolute best at what we do, so it’s always nice when that’s appreciated by others.

Jimmy Gee
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2 days ago
Do not buy another brand. Purchase a Gripsport Bike Rack……..let me explain. I have tried many brands and finally gave up on my last rack which was a Thule, so I found myself searching again and thats when I lucked upon the Gripsport website & was impressed with the short video which tested it’s own product in realistic lab conditions on a rig – this prompted me to call the phone number. A fella by the name of Andrew answered and I asked him four things 1) I have a Mitsubishi Pagero 2011 which has a factory wheel on the rear door of the wagon so I’ll need to know that the hitch is long enough? 2) I need to make sure that the bike rack has good ground clearance as we go bush? 3) I need to carry four adult sized 29er standard mountain bikes and they cannot touch each other – at all? 4) I want it to be a quick load on & off + worry free transport? 5) I need a rack to slip straight into my standard 50mm box tow reciever on the Mitsubishi Pajero? Andrew told me that the Gripsport GS4 with extended hitch would do the job. He then told me the price and I nearly died……too bloody expensive I told him!! But he remained calm and simply said, “You will not be dissapointed.” Andrew had such confidence that I decided to give it a crack. It was delivered by mail on time as promised. We did two small trips the other week and today we have driven from the Blue Mountains to South West Rocks which was six hours with four mountain bikes. The GS4 is outstanding and is solid as a rock. All our bikes are carbon and the did not move one millimeter. I did not even notice them on the back of the car. I am so proud that this is all made in Australia too, beautiful finish & lovely welding. We have planned a two week bike trip in and around Victoria & Jindabyne in January, cannot wait! By the way….this is a TRUE (4) BIKE CARRIER. The bikes do not touch each other whatsoever, which is very important when they are carbon. Other brands claim to carry (4) but its just not true. Take home message: Just get one! Regards James

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