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Wheel Hoop Reducers


This product is designed for bikes with smaller diameter wheels that are prone to sitting too low in the wheel hoop. The standard wheel hoop reducers are the same concept as the original, but with a recent facelift and the addition of reusable zip ties, allowing the zip ties to stay with the hoop reducer the whole time meaning it’s always ready to go and with less chance of losing parts.

You can add or remove the hoop reducers in seconds, allowing any configuration of bike fitting on the fly time and time again, and the re-usable zip ties eliminate the need for single-use plastics.

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  • Allows the smaller diameter wheels (18 inch diameter or smaller) to sit a little higher in the hoops, reducing the chance of a derailleur or kickstand coming into contact with the hoops. This ensures a snug fit for a range of bike sizes and a configuration that suits everyone.
  • Includes reusable zip ties for securing the wheel hoop reducers to the standard wheel hoops, allowing easy removal and installation over and over again without the need for single-use plastics.

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