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Tandem Adapter Kit


Carrying a tandem bicycle on your car has never been easier.

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Simply remove the front wheel of your tandem, sit the forks into the “trap” at the front of the adapter and pull the carrier hook down over the top tube (just as you would with any other bike).

Incredibly quick, safe and simple and absolutely NO tools, NO ropes and NO fuss… and you can even transport other bikes along with your tandem. Try getting that sort of versatility from any other carrier system.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, all steel and zinc plated.
  • Fits all GripSport bike racks.
  • Carries a tandem bike on your car with exactly the same ease and security as any other bicycle.
  • Leaves room on your rack for a second “normal” bike too.
  • Front wheel out carrying system.


GripSport carriers are designed and manufactured right here in Australia by GripSport. Each GripSport bike rack has a lifetime structural guarantee if fitted, used & maintained correctly.

  1. Accidental Damage – If you run over one of our products with a truck (in other words “accidental damage” where the breakage is your fault) then you’re up for the repair/replacement cost. Similarly, if your product isn’t setup, used or maintained properly then any resultant damage is on you.
  2. Wear and tear is not covered by warranty (because things like painted/plated finishes, moving parts and rubbers etc have to wear out eventually), but if our product breaks because of faulty workmanship or materials (in other words the breakage is our fault) all you’ve got to do is return it along with details of what happened and if it really was our fault it gets fixed or replaced free of charge.
  3. ‘Bike Racks for Cars, 4WD’s & SUVs’ are designed for Cars, 4WD’s & SUVs and are NOT covered by any warranty if fitted to the rear of caravans, trailers or camper trailers. Don’t do it.
  4. ‘Bike Racks for Caravans and Campers’  (both front & rear mounted) must be fitted per the relevant Fitting Guides on our website. If not then there’s no warranty.

Simple really, just the way a guarantee should be… but hardly ever is!

PLEASE NOTE 1: Trailers, LED lamps and custom made (non-standard) “mounting systems” (for caravans, campers and trailers etc) are covered by a 2 year warranty.

PLEASE NOTE 2: We do not accept returns just because someone changes their mind. Our products do exactly what we say they do, they will fit where we say they’ll fit and sorry, but a change of mind is not a valid reason for a refund.


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