Bike Trailers

Our trailers are all heavy-duty, ADR compliant, all steel and fitted with nice touches such as jockey wheel, spare wheel, extended drawbar (if needed for the number of bikes being carried) and full LED lighting for trouble-free miles.

The Bike Carrier System itself uses our famous Hi-Ride racks, which means you can rest easy knowing it’s all going to be unbelievably simple, strong and foolproof. And if you decide on a basic “box” trailer we put it all together for you so that the entire inside of the trailer is available to carry gear while the bikes are loaded above… and so the entire carrying system can be easily removed leaving you with a standard box trailer for when that’s what you need.

But you’re not restricted to a “box” trailer. Tell us what you want and how many bikes you need to carry and we can either make the entire trailer and carrier system from the ground up so it’s ready for you to simply drive in and tow away… or you can bring your existing trailer in to us and we’ll build you a carrier system to suit that.




Perfect for tour companies and groups, bike hire companies, race teams, shops, big families and of course the poor muppets who always seem to get stuck driving their mates to and from a ride.



While we’re more than happy to design and build a carrier system for your existing trailer… or fit one of our standard Bike Racks to it, we do not sell trailers on their own and unfortunately we don’t have trailers and carriers available to rent.



Complete, removable, bike carrier systems, fitted onto a trailer supplied by you start from $245 per bike spot.

Complete trailer and carrier systems start from…

*  6-bike   = $3310
*  8-bike   = $3958
*  10-bike = $5350
*  12-bike = $6110
*  20-bike = $8395

Trailer & carrier system prices above are based on our standard “box” trailers. These are by far the most popular and the most economical setups, but if you’re wanting something really fancy (covered-in, lift-up lids and “platforms” etc) don’t hesitate to contact us.

And if you’d just rather do it all yourself…

THEN CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR TRAILER RACK - Perfect for the DIY enthusiast..


"SET & FORGET"  Bike Positioning - now standard on all GripSport bike racks.

"Set & Forget" bike positioning uses a wheel "hoop" for the front wheel (just like we always have), but instead of another "hoop" for the back wheel (forcing you to alter the spacing between the hoops every time you want to carry a different bike), the back wheel simply sits down into our new "taco" shaped channel... which means you can load up any size bike from a BMX to the largest road or mountain bike in seconds and without having to change a thing.





















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