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Bringing your ideas to life.

Having an idea is one thing… turning that idea into a fully resolved design ready for manufacture is something else altogether.

And that’s where we can help, by merging your idea and our design-for-manufacture expertise to ensure your vision is realised completely, regardless of whether you’re just wanting one made as a “proof-of-concept“, or a production run of a thousand.

From our humble beginnings as repairers of bicycle frames, we quickly earned ourselves the reputation of being genuine ‘problem solvers’ and the place to go when everyone else said something couldn’t be done.That reputation was earned in the very specialised world or cycling, but has since expanded so nowadays we’re known for delivering high quality, engineered solutions to a diverse range of clients including design houses, architects, other engineering companies, government departments, NGOs and in fact anyone who has an idea but doesn’t know how to take it any further.

You’ve probably got the idea by now, but to simplify it… here at GripWorks we transform concept ideas  into finished products.

Whats more, we’re flexible enough to work with you and we can manage an entire project for you, provide design, prototyping, fabrication or a complete manufacturing service as required.

Contact us HERE to discuss your requirements.
Product Design
Product Design

Based on your product concept our design team can create preliminary drawings through to full engineering specifications.


Once the initial design is complete our engineering team will create a working prototype for testing purposes.


When the design has been finalised, we can either manufacture the final product in small or large quantities as required, or turn over the project completely for you to find an alternative manufacturer.


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