About us

Our Guarantee

Simple, just the way a guarantee should be… but hardly ever is!

You run over one of our products with a truck (in other words “accident damage” where the breakage is your fault) and you’re up for the repair/replacement cost. Similarly, if your product isn’t setup, used or maintained properly then any resultant damage is on you.

Wear and tear is not covered by warranty (because things like painted/plated finishes, moving parts and rubbers etc have to wear out eventually), but if our product breaks because of faulty workmanship or materials (in other words the breakage is our fault) all you’ve got to do is return it along with details of what happened and if it really was our fault it gets fixed or replaced free of charge.

Simple, right? 

NOTE - Trailers, LED lamps and bike carrier “mounting systems (on caravans/campers/trailers etc) are covered by a 2 year warranty. All our other products are guaranteed for LIFE. Now try getting that sort of deal anywhere else!

What we believe

We believe we can do it right here in Australia - GripSport products are designed and manufactured right here in our own factory.

We believe that if we can do it here in Australia, then other companies should be able to as well - the problem is most people seem to believe more in the bigger profits to be made from cheap imports. Well… you get what you pay for and we’re not really interested in competing against those cheap imports anyway. We believe that everything we make, repair or modify has to scream “quality”.... which means it’s going to be simple, it’s going to work, it’s going to be safe and it’s going to last.

We also believe in true customer service - call us and you’ll be talking to one of the engineers who designs and builds our products or who actually does the frame repairs… or in other words someone who can help you with what you want and answer your questions with absolute authority and knowledge.

And finally, we believe we’re in business and on this earth, to do more than just make money. The planet needs help folks, and we believe that any one who can do something, really should. Here at GripSport we’ve chosen to help these charities and we donate to them every month.

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