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2/     Depending on your which model Van-Rack you have it could have 1 or 2 “main carrier arms” (see green arrows below).


3/     Loosen off the two anti-rattle bolts (see green arrow below) and pull out the quick-release pin.


4/     The “main carrier arm” (or two arms if it’s a 3 or 4-bike carrier) slips right off the Van-Rack leaving you with this.


5/    Slip the “main carrier arm” (or arms) onto the adapter, insert quick-release pin and tighten the anti-rattle bolts (see point 3 above) and your Van-Rack is now fitted to your car and ready to go.


*  While you do get to transfer your 2-bike, 3-bike or 4-bike rack from your caravan onto your car, the actual tilting mechanism itself (if you have a tilting Van-Rack) stays mounted on your van and does not transfer over onto your vehicle. Van-Racks can not tilt when fitted to a car’s towbar.

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