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Strap in for BIG changes at GripSport.

It’s no secret that popularity of the GripSport brand and demand for our products has gone through the roof and that as a result, lead times on getting orders out the door to our customers and dealers have been much longer than we would ever want. So here’s what we’re doing about it.

On August 1st we move into our new corporate headquarters, production and warehouse facility.

Our new premises are three times larger than where we are currently and has allowed us to invest in new production equipment and staff levels that we simply never had the room for until now.

In addition to that, just last week we had two new robotic welding cells installed. This takes our total of robot welding stations to four and dramatically increases our production capacity. Click on the photo below for a little video showing them in action already and yes… they absolutely look like “Bin Chickens” (Ibis) 😁

On the sidelines and ready to be installed is our new CNC controlled 3kw fibre laser cutting machine for sheet and plate material. 

Production will be enhanced even further by a series of hydraulic punching stations that have been custom designed and built specifically for the manufacture of GripSport products.

Of course we’ll be employing new production staff to operate all this “wizz-bang” equipment, as well as new warehouse staff to make sure our increased production gets “out the door” and to our customers ASAP. Our new office facilities also make it possible to add new staff and we’ll soon be seeing additions to our Design and Sales teams.

Finally, a second CNC fibre laser machine is on order. This one is designed to cut & profile tubular materials of all shapes and sizes. It features a high-tech, fully automatic loading system that alongside everything mentioned above, is taking our manufacturing capacity to a whole new level. 

So this is GripSport now.

It’s a long way from where it all started in the boss’s suburban garage back in 1998, but it’s also definitely still the same when it comes to our absolute commitment to quality, our underlying belief that customer service is everything and our determination to be Australasia’s leading designer and manufacturer of bike racks.

So thank you all for your patience as we put the next stage of our growth into action and, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, Tom Misso heads our Sales & Customer Care Team and can be reached by phone (03 94662553) or email (

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