Design - Prototyping - Product Development

You’ve probably got the idea by now, but to simplify it… here at GripSport we transform concept ideas  into finished products.

And regardless of whether you need a one-off item, or a production run of a thousand, we do this by working through your idea with you, turning it into a fully resolved and manufacture-ready design.

Our Design and Fabrication teams then work as one, to produce a “proof-of-concept” prototype for presentation to you, the client.

And once approved, we can manufacture one or a thousand for you.

At GripSport we can also manage your complete project for you… from consultation, through design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and manufacture.The videos below will give you an idea of the types of projects we’re working on every day for our customers


Working in partnership with you, our track record of problem solving, along with our expertise in product design, engineering/fabrication and design-for-manufacture will enable you to achieve your goals entirely… from idea through to delivery. Let us show you how.

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