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So you’d like to see more of what people have to say about us? Then read on.

Absolutely the best accessory on our Caravan…The GripSport Bike Rack is extremely well engineered and made.
Thank you
Ed Herring

Received my new carrier yesterday and it’s awesome, easy to attach to the car and put the +2 carrier together. We tried it out today, solid as a rock behind the car. So much more confident with 4 bikes on the back now. Next time we load it up I’ll take a photo and send it through. Thanks for the great service and great product.
Chris Irish

Just a quick line to let you know how pleased I am with my 2 bike grip sport carrier. Really is super easy to use and my s-works stumpy (my 4th child) sits on its wheels with no strain on the frame. An excellent product. Also I ordered it when I was serving in Afghanistan and was really well looked after so thank you for that too.
Andy Scott

Recently had a Van Rack fitted to my Supreme Caravan. Your bike rack has to be the best on the Market. Excellent! All the very best to the Gripsport team for Christmas & New Year. Finally thank you for all the help and advice.
Cheers.Bruce Harrison

Morning Gripsport,
I wanted to let you know that you have completely transformed me into a gripsport customer. I have owned and used many different bike racks over the years, both here and overseas, but after owning one of yours for the last year I can honestly say it is hands down the world’s best bike rack. Its strong its simple and it works. Great job.
Matt Chable
Research Vic

Hi Andrew,
It took a few days to get home after the install of the bike rack, but each time I walk past the front of the van I have to stop for a few minutes to admire your handy work. You guys do a fantastic and professional job. You have a great product with the rack and then top it all off with the beautiful installation. I admire craftsmanship,  (mainly because I can’t do it myself), and you guys do it well. Thanks for everything and regards,
Bill and Coralyan van Duinen.

Hi guys
Just a quick thanks for your great bike rack. Just got back from longreach and Winton Qld with the van and bikes and everything went great. The bikes never moved and made it back without any issues at all. Had a few inquiries, hope you get some new customers out of them.
Thanks and regards Bruce Hall

Hi Jon,
We received the bike racks very promptly and were impressed with your service and the product, thanks! We are sorting out about getting one of the hitches attached to our caravan and I was hoping you could send through instructions for us to give our local person to be able to attach it well. Thanks again for your help and service.

Thanks for your help with my rack, I picked it up Saturday and it was in use on Sunday and working perfectly as per usual. Such a great business and great support. I am always happy to recommend your products when I get talking about bike racks etc in the carpark and quite a few of my friends have them now. When a company and product are so good they deserve as mush support and praise as possible.
Michael Strike

Hi Gripsport,
We just got the mounting done for the bike rack on our van and thought we would send some photos of the setup. Very happy with the way it’s all turned out. Thanks for all your help. Regards.
Colin & Rosalie Williams

Hi Jon,
Received my new carrier yesterday and it’s awesome, easy to attach to the car and put the +2 carrier together. We tried it out today, solid as a rock behind the car. So much more confident with 4 bikes on the back now. Next time we load it up I’ll take a photo and send it through. Thanks for the great service and great product.
Chris Irish.

Hi Jon
Just to let you know that I am very pleased with the new bike rack. It is a very professional job and I should have had one years ago! Please pass my thanks on to Andrew and the team.
Ian Wilson

Hey Guys,
Firstly I’d like to give a massive thank you to everyone at GripSport. The customer service has been absolutely fantastic. I received my Hi-Ride carrier “Downhill” (2-Bike) a few weeks ago and I’ve taken it out every weekend since. The quality of this carrier far surpasses my previous carrier which allowed the handlebars to hit my car! I travel roughly 5-6 hours with two bikes on my DH carrier without any movement at all. I highly recommend this to anybody that will listen! I’ve attached some photos for you.
Thanks again!
Caleb Edwards

In my opinion, this carrier is by far the best you can get. I love it. So easy to use. And because real “quality” is getting scarce nowadays, I’m just delighted when I get something that works like this AND is built to last!
Have a great day
Russell Cairns
Caulfield North Vic

Hi John and crew,
I got a DH carrier off you years ago and it’s been fan-bloody-tastic to transport our bikes all over Victoria to races, trails and camp sites. Still totally stoked with it after all these years. I also got a second mount for the rack for our other car, but managed to damage it (my fault entirely) so now it’s hard to get the rack into that particular mount properly. Is there any way for you guys to restore it to it’s former glory?
Cheers in advance,
Derek Yates

Hi Jon.
Just a short note and a photo to tell you how very pleased we are with our Hi-Ride rack. The load/unload times are quick. The bikes are held securely and nothing has been scratched or broken. If we want, it is easy to lock everything with a 1.8m braided cable and a lock on the hitch pin. The only thing I would wish for is a couple of tabs welded to the frame that would have saved me heaps of trouble attaching my home made light bar (see picture).
Many thanks and regards…
Paul Arumets

Hey Jon,
I took my new DH carrier on it’s maiden voyage last Saturday and I am impressed! Simple, easy, bike fits nice and snug. What a great system!
Thank you again
James Wilson Vic

Hi GripSport,
I just wanted to let you know I used the HI-RIDE rack twice this weekend with my carbon 29er – a 1 ½ hour drive to Lysterfield on Saturday, and a 1 hour drive to Forrest on Sunday. The rack is fabulous – my bike looked and felt secure. It was really easy to put the bike on and take it off, and it doesn’t matter how dirty the bike is when you go home, because it’s up the back rather than dripping mud and dirt onto the roof (when using roof racks). And I have already recommended it to a couple of MTBikers out there. You mentioned you’re developing a rack light for it. Please let me know AS SOON AS that’s available.
Dave Velcek Vic

Hi GripSport
Received my Hi Ride. Carrier love it!!! So easy to use !!!
Russell Tovey

Hello Again,
Just a short note to thank you very much for sending another carrier hook to replace the one I lost. It arrived this morning via a priority courier. What fantastic customer service you provide!!!!
Kind Regards
Evans Head NSW

Hey Guys
Just a quick line to let you know how pleased I am with my 2 bike grip sport carrier. Really is super easy to use and my s-works stumpy (my 4th child) sits on its wheels with no strain on the frame. An excellent product. Also I ordered it when I was serving in Afghanistan and was really well looked after so thank you for that too.
Andy Scott

Hi Jon,
Carrier got delivered on Friday afternoon. What a great product. Super happy with it.
Josh Bengtson

Hi Joe,
I just wanted to let you know I’ve received the bike racks (they were delivered on Friday). I put my 2-bike carrier on my car over the weekend and it’s fantastic! Very simple to use, and I’m really happy with it. I’ll recommend your bike carriers to anyone looking to buy. Thank you.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for the email and all the help by phone. As you may remember I went with your fourth option for mounting a carrier to our caravan and we’re very happy with the end result.
Thanks again

Morning John,
This morning I called regarding some replacement tri-wheels for a two bike carrier purchased from you guy’s a couple of years ago. Your service of offering to just “send” these items free of charge (no cost) has blown me away as I’m more accustomed to being held to ransom. Here’s a good example – I have a modern (Moto) trail bike and had 1 small (self-tapper like) bolt fall out of the plastics. When I approached a motorcycle shop for a replacement, my only choice I was to spend $25 on an ‘assortment’ kit of screws. I walked out empty handed and now they don’t receive my patronage. So many thanks for your “out of this world” after sales service.
Kind Regards
Phillip Fitzpatrick
Gladstone Qld

Hi Jon,
I received my carrier yesterday and am very impressed with the quality of it.
Jonathan Gildea
Canley Heights NSW

Hi Jon,
Collected the rack on Friday arvo from the transport depot. Used it Sat morn – $14k of bikes on it for a 3 hour drive to Margaret River to ride the trails down there. Couldn’t have been happier – very well built, study rack – kept the bikes from touching each other at all. Exactly what I wanted! Very much appreciated and will happily recommend the rack to anyone who is chasing one!
Fraser Glendining
Wembley WA

G’day GripSPort,
I purchased a Hi-Ride Carrier “2+2” from you some time ago, and it is a fantastic piece of gear.  In fact we are having so much fun using it (well, my mates are happy to chuck their bikes on MY rack) that our rides have become longer and consequently we now finish at dusk, just in time for a night-time drive home … So I am in need of one of your Rack Lights…
Steven Harvey
Wollongong NSW

Hi Jon,
Our rack arrived on Friday and had its first outing to a race yesterday. It is fantastically simple and quick to use. The team is all getting together for a launch in a week or two so I’ll take heaps of pics for you when all the bikes are on it.
Thanks again
Craig Baylis
Editor and Founder Enduro Pulse Magazine
Albion Park NSW

It is easy to be positive about this rack – its an excellent product that i promote widely. The prompt and helpful after sales service also matches the approach of the original sale – I trust you are as successful as you deserve.
Robert Quirk
Nelson Bay NSW

Dear Sir / Madam,
I purchased a Grip Sport “Hi-Ride” Bike Rack from you in 2008 and wanted to say that this Bike Rack really is a fantastic design. I now have a lightweight carbon-framed road bike and the rack looks after it extremely well. My only question is, where do you fix the specific Vicroads registration number plate on the carrier so as to avoid a fine for obscuring the number plate on the vehicle. Is there a specific part which can be purchased to affix the number plate? I look forward to your comments in due course.
Kind regards,
Wayne Lawes
Alfredton VIC

My carrier arrived at work today.  I would just like to express my appreciation for your excellent service, it’s good to know there are still some great business out there and yours is certainly at the top for service and quality, I’ll definitely be recommending you to other people.
Gavin Jeffries SA

Gday guys,
I recieved my Hi-Ride Classic the other day and after months of “discussions” with the wife about spending 400 clams on a bike rack, I mounted it to the car, mounted the bikes and stood back and enjoyed! Fitting was a breeze and despite my initial concers the bikes were held firmly and securley. Both bikes barely moved and arrived at our destination hassle free.
Mike Littleford
Altona North Vic

I have to complement you on the design and quality of the Hi-Ride
Downhill 2 Bike Carrier and the Rack Light. They are both very well made
and easy to use. I can position my bike on the carrier and have it
safely secured within several seconds. This is an excellent Aussie
designed and manufactured product, and certainly value for money. I
would absolutely recommend this bike carrier. Congratulations, and keep
up the innovative designs and exceptional workmanship.
Russell Curtis.

I just wanted to relay my satisfaction with my purchase. I have just completed our family holiday which involved a 6000km road trip. I am very happy with my rack and it looks good too “photo attached”
Thank you
Chris Carney
Townsville Qld

To all at Gripsport,
l received my Hi Ride bike carrier early this week. I would like to say how happy l am with this product and also for the fast delivery. A pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you
Andrew Smith, Cobram Vic

Hi Jon,
A big thanks for replacing one of the hooks on our Hi-Ride carrier. We managed to strip the thread on the securing nut and you replaced it free of charge. Amazing! Also the new locking sleeve has made a big difference in keeping things tight over some very rough roads here in SE QLD and has increased my faith in the carrier. A great solid carrier with a real ‘lifetime guarantee’ that fully deserves the high rating it received in the recent AMB review.
Paul Longman – Qld

Hi John,
Just a quick email to let you know the hi-ride rack performed faultlessly for our entire trip and I absolutely loved it, both bikes made it to Darwin without a scratch on them. Over 7000kms. I intend to write a proper thank you email, and include photos, which you can publish on the GripSport website.  I just need more time to get organised and unpack.
Darwin NT

Thanks for replying so quickly and for offering to send out the additional part for my Hi-Ride. My address is (removed). Once more, your excellent after sales service shines through (I must say, that was one of the things I mentioned to my two riding buddies who both then bought Hi Ride carriers from you).
Best Regards
Denis Davey
Latham ACT

Hi GripSport,
Thanks so much, not only is the carrier tops you guys have a great customer service too!!:)) I will continue to send all the spying eyes on my carrier to your website. You guys are great. Much appreciated
Shannon Weeks

Hi John and the guys at Gripsport,
Hey guys, Claude Daronche here. How are you going? These are the photos I promised I would send once I got the downhill bike. The bike rack is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. It is definitely top quality and being Australian made makes it even better.
Thanks Again

Hello Jon, My carrier arrived yesterday and was fitted to my car in 5 minutes flat, and the best bit is that both myself and my petrol head husband are chuffed with the product….good stuff, very well made, stable and secure. Cheers
Sheree – Meringandan, Q’ld.

Hi GripSport, Just a quick note to let you know Ive used the Hi Ride Carrier with both my mountain and road bikes and I cannot speak highly enough of your product. For the first time I am 100% confident that the bike is safe from damage when being transported. Sure there are cheaper types of carriers out there, but none come close to the quality and design that you have. When you consider the cost of bikes (I can have over 10 grand sitting on the carrier) then the High Ride is as cheap as chips.Thanks again.
Dale Stemmer

I took delivery of the carrier during the week and used it for the first time at the week-end. I can’t say how pleased I am with the carrier , easy to set up and perfectly functional. I used it to carry one bike and I was pleased to see that if I loaded it on the inside it then had a bit of added protection at the rear due to it not being the last item on the vehicle. One interesting benefit is that I can take the head off my Gripsport work stand and put it on the upright of the carrier and then have a very solid race day work stand with virtually no extra bulk , you may consider selling the head as an optional extra or noting the fact on the web site as a selling point. Appreciate your assistance in the swift despatch and the obvious pride you take in supplying a quality product.
Jeff Usher
Northam WA

Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a Hi-Ride carrier off you in October 2007 and I must say itís possibly the best bit of design Iíve seen in along while. Thanks so much.
Grant Burrell.

Hi John and crew, Just a note to let you know that the Hi-Ride carrier arrived ok and has been used in combat. I set aside some time to mount the device but it took absolutely no time to do the initial install. I am not exaggerating when I say that the most complex part of the operation was undoing my towball to mount the quick release receiver plate. The entire process took around 3 minutes. After that, getting it on and off takes literally seconds. Likewise, loading the bike is so easy – drop it in the wheel hoops and tighten the securing hook – again just seconds! The rack is as solid as a rock too and you were correct in your advice – with the bike off it lets me open the tailgate of the X-Trail. ( a big plus). I wont put my bike on a normal rack with another bike as they will invariably clash together when accelerating or braking. On my first trip I picked up a mate and his bike. I was gingerly watching both the bikes in the rear view mirror for the first few kilometres but not the slightest bit of movement. Your product is definitely all you said it would be. It feels good to own such a nice piece of gear. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending the rack to anyone who asks (and its already drawn a few comments) as its a good Australian product made by a company that obviously still believes in customer service. You deserve to do well. Thanks again and Cheers.
Bob Brennan

Hi Gripsport,
We have just had our hi-ride carrier delivered to us in Taigum, Queensland. Would like to thank Jon and the team for an effortless transaction and a really well made item!
Sue and Dean Lewcock
Taigum QLD

Hi,I recently participated in the Gibb River Road Mountain Bike Challenge. This event was a relay race with teams of 2 to 6 riders tagging every 5 km or so, throughout the dayís stage which ranged from 105 km to 230 km from day to day. The key was using a bike carrying systems which protected the bikes from damage and were easy to get on and off. My friend Sam and I used a GripSport Hi-ride double tow bar carrier (see photo 1). It was without doubt the quickest and easiest bike carrier present at the event. The carrier was put through its paces. We headed down the Kurungi track (see photo 2) which was extremely rough. The carrier did its job well. Congratulations on an excellent product.
Troy Gildersleeve.




Hi Guys, The Hi-Ride rack is an absolute corker, best rack available IMHO! Keep on trucking.
Ben Mathews.

Hi there,We recently purchased a high ride carrier and tandem adapter kit. It is totally revolutionary and eliminated a lot of swearing (!), as well as padding, straps and concern on the road. Why arenít all carriers this easy?! Thanks so much for a great product and also unbelievably fast service. We imported our tandem bike from the US and would like to recommend your product to them ñ would you ship overseas, because I think there would be a lot of interest. Thanks and regards,
Robert, Sharron & Olivia Sykes
Nairne SA.

Hi,I recently purchased a High-Ride carrier. I love the simplicity of this unit, it only takes a couple of minutes to fit and loading the bike on/off the rack is definitely the quickest for any bike rack I have seen. Thanks again for a great product.Regards.
Peter Waldron

Gday Gripsport, Heres some photos of us using the high ride rack I got off you some time back. Its an awesome carrier, its so quick to load/unload and even though Ive got both a wagon & a ute I still use the carrier because its SO easy. I get a lot of comments about it too, so I certainly hope some of these have turned into sales for you!
Ben Loone

Hi Gripsport, I just had to write and let you guys know what we think of your new Hi-Ride carrier. We’ve had all manner of bike racks over the years including some damn expensive roof racks, but once we got some decent quality bikes (C/Fibre etc) I knew we were going to need something that would protect our new toys when travelling. And without a doubt the Hi-ride is not only the best at protecting the toys (no more risk of driving under carports etc) but it is quickest and easiest thing weve ever used. My wife thanks you! And of course so do I. So good to see an aussie design that is tough, simple and easy to use. All the best.
Damian Roberts
Sydney NSW

Received the hi-ride t/bar carrier today – very impressed! Looks great and very secure.. Have quite a few people coming to look so hopefully, there will be more orders from Horsham coming your way. Thank you for your assistance and promptness in delivery.
Barry Fraser
Horsham Vic

Hi Guys, Just letting you know that I ordered a hi-ride carrier off you a week ago and it arrived yesterday. After I fitted it and drove with it I simply couldnt believe the build quality of it.I would recommend this brand to anyone. Just letting you know. Keep up the good work because its fantastic. Cheers
Nathan DElboux

Hi john just a quick email to say that the bike carrier is excellent. Have been away with it and even done some 4wd with it and it was great. Job well done. I love it. Thank you.
David Negri.

Hi Grip Sport, We’ve had one of your Hi-Ride 2-bike carrier’s for a few weeks now, and really impressed with how fast & easy it is to fit our bikes, and how sercurely the bikes & carrier are held in place. We regularly carry three odd-size bikes in different combos – 24-inch kid’s MTB, 26-inch FS bike & 96’er hardtail – and it copes well with whatever combination we try. Easy enough to use that my wife can load up the bikes when I’m not around – wouldn’t have asked her to use our old towbar system with clamps & bungees & roof-racks too high – so well done on such a great product. I’m thinking about buying a new Mitsubishi Pajero which has the spare wheel mounted on the tailgate – can you tell me whether the Hi-Ride 4-bike carrier will fit OK on the Pajero, ie: will the carrier & bikes clear the spare wheel OK ? thanks
Andrew Sievwright

Hi Jon, You’re welcome to add my comments to your feedback page – it’s not often than I come across a local product that does it’s job so well that it’s worth raving about – my wife & 11-year old son are on holiday at the moment and they’ve had no problems at all with loading & unloading the bikes. Thanks also for the info about the 4-bike carrier – I didn’t realise that you make them to order, so I’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks with an order. thanks
Andrew Sievwright.

I just want to say what a fantastic bike rack. I got my hi-rise last Thursday and love it. Lives up to everything I have heard about them
Kevin Wells
Tuggeranong ACT

G’day, Just thought I’d drop you a quick note to thank you for the great bike carrier and the great after sales service (it arrived a little roughed up and you freighted out new parts to exchange for the damage ones).  This carrier is as good as I thought it would be – I can easily fit any bike to it in seconds (including combinations of my singlespeed 29er, all mountain rig, and my mates’ trail and free-ride rigs).  Brilliant, easy to use, and makes ducking out for a quick ride after work just that – quick! Many thanks.
Denis Davey

The shipment arrived in good order today. Assembly on the car was easy. It did take some time to get the adjustments right to suit the bikes, but probably no longer than the first fitting with the old beak style carrier I had. Most important
was that it was less strain on my bad back. Congratulations on the thought that went into the design and on the quality of the workmanship.
Cheers and thanks
Milton Lamb

Been meaning to drop you a note and thank you for the extra long hooks you made up for the bike rack (we met at Anglesea race and I bought a workstand). In my opinion it definitely makes for an even better rack, but more to the point is the impressive after sale service you provided. A rare thing these days! Keep up the good work, thanks again and if you need a positive review of the rack for future customers feel free to contact me or pass on my email address. Cheers
Marcus Bridle


The testimonials below refer to our old model D/H carrier


The only rack I know of that will easily and safely transport two DH bikes. Awesome. I’ve had mine for two and a half years now and can’t really fault it – it’s quick to put on or take off, it’s solid as anything, and it’s super fast to load bikes onto. All you need are a few tiedowns or old tubes to hold the bikes down and you’re golden.
Steve Mathews – Melb

HI John, First off a couple of comments and some feedback about your products that will hopefully make it onto the website. I purchased a 2-bike, quick release downhill carrier, 2 saint crank adaptors and also 2 glory super light axles. All of the products that I purchased were A1, the fit and finish of the rack and crank adaptors were spot on and in use they are awesome. Makes life alot easier to know I don’t have to remove wheels and pile bikes in the back of the 4wd during shuttle runs. All in all a big thumbs up for the downhill carrier. The glory axles are also excellent and have saved me approx 120 grams over the standard axles and are just as strong and stiff and with the nyloc I’m at least confident that they will not come loose. Now to the most important thing, I can not praise you enough for you customer service and professional and friendly manner both in person and over the phone! As your aware their was a small mistake with the thread length on the glory axles.  When i called you to let you know that their was a problem i was impressed with your willingness to take them back and address the issue asap, you also offered to pay for postage which was not necessary but appreciated anyway.  I received new axles in the mail 2 days later and they are both know in service on bikes and working fine.  All in all i am extremely impressed not only with the products that you produce, but also by the genuine concern you showed when an issue occurred and the level of customer service you provided.  I will definitely be a repeat customer of GRIPSPORT.  Many thanks. Best Regards
Andy Holmes – Melb

Hi Jon. My D/h carrier arrived yesterday, and thank you, works really well and I’m very happy with the product.
Dennis – Via email

Hi Jon It arrived today and is on the car. It’s just great. Well done and many thanks
Kenn Batts

Hey Jon. I got the D/H rack yesterday, very happy with it! Fits perfectly on the car. I’ve attached a few pics to show you how it looks. Thanks for all the help, and putting up with my questions. Greatly appreciated. Thanks again,
Scott Dowdell

Hi Jon, Ta muchly for the great service. The D/H rack is an absolute corker, best rack available IMHO! Keep on trucking.
Ben – via email

I just got a GripSport towbar carrier before Easter and took 2 bikes from Melbourne to the NSW coast and back. The rack is great, really strong and easy to put bikes on as it holds them like a DH trailer. It was not cheap but neither were my bikes and it does not wreck them like a lot of racks.
Rotorburn – MTB forum

If you want a tough bike carrier, one that wont wobble about and be scary when there is a DH bike on it, then check out a Grip D/H towbar carrier. They do a two bike one made from ex army Leopard Tanks and is rated to 1.8 million tonnes. The bikes drop a crank in the slot just like an MTBA shuttle trailer. And Yep, they’ll take any shape bike.
Cam-O – MTB forums

I have a GripSport towbar carrier/rack (the two DH bike one) and its a gem. 2 seconds and the bikes are on. 2 seconds and they are off. You can also rest assured that you wont look in the rear view mirror and see you bike tumbling end to end down the highway…..its a real quality bit of gear!
Owner – Down Hill Direct (ACT)

Jon, The gear arrived on Thursday. Thanks. The towbar carrier could carry a tank and will be great and the large b/b adaptor looks great too, cant see any problems there………hopefully I will take the whole shibang out this weekend. And the repair stand works a treat! No complaints at all. Good job & thanks
Frank Nicholson

Just a quick thanks, the D/H carrier is great! Even my girlfriend can use it as it’s not as hard to lift the bikes onto as our old rack was. Just came back from a muddy session at Ourimbah and it performed extremely well even with clay coated cranks. Cheers
Greg Wunder

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