Rack-Light - with indicators | For GripSport 2-bike carriers ONLY



When we sat down to design our "Rack-Light", we decided straight off the bat that we weren't just going to take the easy route of putting together some big, bulky, cheap & nasty thing using standard old trailer lamps and incandescent "globes". Why? Well, for one thing, globes like that are rubbish... the kind of rubbish that shakes itself to pieces the minute a bit of rough road comes into sight. And for the love of God, don't even think about letting them get wet.

So our “Rack Light” was designed around two main things... toughness and quality... and what we came up with seems to have struck a chord with our customers. It’s small, lightweight and tough, made from aluminium with a high-quality LED lamp unit incorporating stop light, tail light, number plate light and indicators all in one.

And not only is the lamp a fully sealed LED (meaning it’s water, dust and vibration proof for years of hassle-free motoring), but it’s even mounted using high-quality, self-locking nuts so you never have to worry about things vibrating loose. We even supply you those same self-locking nuts and bolts to attach your number plate.

  • Supplied fully wired up and ready to go with your choice of 7-pin round or flat plug.
  • Fits straight on to all our 2-bike carriers and our non-tilting 4-bike rack the 2+2 Fixie
  • Cannot be used on the 2+2 Tilty - CLICK HERE to see the Rack-Light for that carrier.
  • Mounting frame comes pre-slotted so you can fit it onto other brands of bike rack if you want to.

So get legal and stay legal… it’s easy with a GripSport Rack Light.

PLEASE NOTE - You need to tell us which plug you need... if you don't, Rack-Lights will automatically be delivered with a 7-pin flat plug. Adapter plugs are readily available (eBay, auto-accessory stores, auto-electiricians etc) if required.



Email us about our Rack-Light - with indicators


Hi, I recently purchased your rack-light after researching the internet for sometime to find the best. I must say yours was the best I could find and I highly recommend it to anybody that is looking for one. Go no further than grip sport. I found them helpful in every way, the light is fantastic and I’m very happy. Thank you again grip sport
Robin Whipp – Hampton Park, Vic.

Dear GS. I’m not sure if I’d be classed as a Grip sport groupie, but we’re a big cycling family and since getting a downhill rack some years ago for our son we’ve gone on to get a hi-rise for us and a repair stand for the whole family. Great designs and great quality in all of them so we didn’t hesitate to order a light board for our carriers the minute we saw them come on the market (I think we may even have bought the very first one you sold). This really is another fantastic bit of locally made gear so a big thanks from us. PS your welcome to use this on your site if you like and we’ll keep on telling other riders we meet about gripsport. Kind regards.
Anthony Lucas - via email

Good morning Jon, The rack light arrived here yesterday and everything works well. Thanks so much for your great service
Rob & Maureen Moore

Hi Jon, I picked up my “RACK LIGHT” yesterday and it looks great, and works a treat!  Thanks very much. Now I’m nice and legal. Cheers,
Dave Velcek

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