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Fans and “followers” are nothing new.

Decades ago Barry Manilow had his “Fanilows” and we all know about the English cricket team’s “Balmy Army”. Nowadays Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters” and Justin Bieber’s fans are known as “Beliebers”.

So are you feeling left out yet? Because there’s nothing worse than feeling left out, right?

But sign up for our newsletter and you become a part of our “Gripper” community. We’ll make sure it’s all a bit of fun with some exclusive “GRIPPER ONLY” specials and giveaways etc, but we also want to involve you in the future of our great brand by running product ideas past you, by involving the “Grippers” in real-world testing and by having a direct, two-way link to our most important resource… you, our customer.

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