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New Zealand here we come!

Here at Grip HQ we’re all pretty excited about our expansion into NZ and we want to welcome our first ever international distributors, Pod Trailers & Campers NZ.

We’ve been wanting to get our racks across the ditch for ages now and over the last few years we’ve looked at and met with, a number of possible distributors only to find  they just didn’t “fit”. We couldn’t quite put our finger on exactly what “fit” we were looking for… but we knew they didn’t have it and there was just no way we were going to let the “wrong” company represent our brand.

So we pretty much thought it wasn’t going to happen and just went back to disappointing a whole lot of kiwis who wanted our gear, but were put off (quite rightly), by the ridiculous cost of freighting individual racks to NZed addresses.

But then Brett and Adrienne Turner (owners of Pod Trailers & Campers NZ) bumped into us at the Melbourne Caravan Show back in February and after a number of meetings with them both here and over in New Zealand, we  realised that whatever that “fit” was… they had it. Scoot forward 6 months and this week saw our first ever international shipment heading off to the land of “fush & chups”.

So to all our kiwi cousins, if you can look past the fact that we’re an Aussie company (actually owned by an Aussie and  Kiwi couple with a 2nd home in The Bay Of Plenty), then we’d love you to join the GripSport family. And Pod Trailers & Campers NZ are going to make that as easy as possible for you by carrying a complete range of racks for all vehicles (cars, SUVs & 4WDs), as well as caravans, campers and trailers. They’ll also have a full range of accessories and spares and be delivering anywhere within the country. Sweet as, or what?

CLICK HERE to go directly to the New Zealand site and please share this around to your own kiwi friends or family and anyone you know over there who might be interested.

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