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New Dealer Network Launched

Our new national dealer network launched this week and will be followed up soon with the fanfare of promotion and publicity. We now have two completely separate dealer programs running side-by-side; one for our range of caravan/camper bike racks and the new one specifically for our towbar-mounted “vehicle” bike racks (for cars, SUVs and 4WDs).


The reason for two different dealer networks is simple. If you’re a business whose customer base is made up primarily of caravaners you’re not likely to be interested in stocking/displaying/selling (or fielding enquiries about) bike racks for vehicles/cars. And vice versa, for those businesses whose customer base does not include caravaners. You can be a dealer for both if you want, or just one (either), but we just wanted to ensure that customers looking for one particular type of bike rack (be that a vehicle rack OR a caravan rack) are not getting confused and/or bothering those dealers who do not sell the one they’re after.

CLICK HERE to see the new “Dealer Landing Page” page on our website (and yes… you’ll be on there too).

The new dealer network launched with 14 dealers on it and just like the network already selling our Van-Racks (which launched with only 8 dealers signed up), it’s sure to grow quickly. If you look through the list of these “new” dealers you’ll see there’s a great mix of existing Van-Rack dealers (who want to sell both ranges), Auto Accessory stores and Bike Shops. We’re also considering approaches from two major “groups” or “chains”, but have already decided that if there is any chance that a deal with them would negatively impact on our existing independent dealers, then we just wouldn’t be interested. We’ll keep you up to date with what happens there.

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