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Good While It Lasted, But….

Good while it lasted, but….

After  nearly 20 years and close to 9000 frame repairs, it’s with a real mix of emotions that we’re packing up the bicycle frame repair work benches and saying “no more“.

Fixing all those thousands of bike frames has been an absolute blast for us… it built our reputation, it gave the boss more than a couple of nervous breakdowns, it taught us a lot and it paid a lot of bills for a lot of years, but unfortunately it’s just no longer viable for us to do them. Why? Well there’s quite a few reasons, but here’s a couple for anyone interested.

  • There’s a lot more carbon fibre bikes out there nowadays and we only work with ‘metal’.
  • Metal frames tend to be cheaper to replace now, so there are fewer people willing to pay for ‘repairs’.
  • Andrew (who has done every frame repair for the last 5 years) has taken up an office job here at Grip HQ and is no longer “on the tools” at all.
  • Over the last year we’ve been reassessing GripSport’s “direction” and our focus now is very much on the innovative design and clever manufacturing of our own products.

So that’s it. We’d like to thank all our frame repair customers, everyone from Bendigo to Berlin and from Darwin to Detroit. You trusted us to fix your ride and then cared enough to spread the word about us and the bottom-line is, if not for you the GripSport name wouldn’t be anywhere near as big as it is today. So thank you.


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