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Christmas has cleaned us out

Well folks… you have cleaned us out. The last of our Christmas Stock (stock that was meant to see us through to the end of January) got sold today.

We have TWO only of the new GSE e-bike racks left, but other than them… No Van-Racks… no GS2s or GS4s or Trailer Racks… nothing. We’re out.

Production starts again on Jan 13th and we expect to be sending orders out within a week or two of that.

You can still order your rack as normal… and that way you know you’ll be getting one from the first production run of the year, but just remember there’s going to be a bit of a delay in getting your order off to you.

Really sorry if this has inconvenienced anyone, but think of it this way… your decision to buy a GripSport has been well and truly backed up by a LOT of other people. It’s just that those buggers got in before you 😉

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