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Bike Racks Built Tough

for your Caravan, Camper or Trailer

Caravaners  are picky about what they put on their vans… and rightly so. It costs a fortune to set up a travelling home and dreams can be ruined when things break or don’t work like they’re supposed to. Which is exactly why people choose GripSport.

Our Van-Racks are the toughest, safest and easiest-to-use bike racks ever… designed, engineered and built by us right here in Australia for every imaginable  caravan, camper-trailer and RV. They can accommodate bikes of all styles and sizes, from “kids” right up to the biggest “Road” and “Mountain” bikes, as well as “Fat-Tyre” and  heavy “E-Bikes”.

People ask how we can offer a fantastic warranty on our bike racks?

It’s simple… as well as computer simulations used throughout the design and prototyping stages, we have our own in-house test bed to replicate the toughest possible conditions your adventures could ever throw at them.

In other words… we try very hard to destroy your bike rack before you ever get to use it and that way we’re 100% confident it’s going to be with you for the long run.

What people say about our racks …

We’ve given up trying to keep track of all the rave reviews we get from people using our racks, but we never take what our customers say for granted and we appreciate every bit of feedback, every suggestion and every kind word.

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